Becoming a Surrogate


Becoming a surrogate through our practice can help hopeful parents realize their dreams. It has many requirements, including having at least one child of your own. We want our surrogates to understand that they are giving hopeful parents an invaluable gift.

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What you could expect as a surrogate is, for your initial visit, you come in, you meet the doctor. He interviews you, he asks medical questions you've had. He needs to review your OB records from previous pregnancies. We also require that all surrogates need to have at least one child of their own. The other thing that's very important for surrogates to understand is that they're giving . . . this is such a precious gift that they're giving intended parents or women who are not able to carry a pregnancy on their own. And it's such a special connection and a special gift that they're able to give somebody. And that is so special in itself that they really need to understand that they're doing such a great job and they're doing something wonderful for an intended parent. Chinese Transcripts: 您可能希望成为一个代孕者。您可以首先到我们这里与医生面谈。在面谈过程中,医生会问您是否有健康问题。他需要审查您以前怀孕期间的妇产科检查记录。我们还要求所有代孕者已至少生育一个孩子。另外,代孕者须清楚了解其行为。这一点非常重要……这是他们给予准父母或无法怀孕的妇女的珍贵礼物。这是一种特殊的关系,也是他们能够给予其他人的一个特殊礼物。这件事本身非常特别,他们真得需要了解他们做了这么伟大的事,他们正在为准父母做出非常了不起的事。

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