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The process of donating eggs begins with meeting one of our doctors. We conduct a screening involving ultrasound and other tests. Once you are approved, you will be entered into our database.

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As an egg donor, you would come in and meet the doctor, and he will sit with you, have a consultation with you, and explain the entire process from beginning to end and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Donors are always a little bit concerned about if it's going to affect you, having children later on down the line when you are ready to have children. We do perform an ultrasound at the initial visit to make sure that you would be a good candidate as an egg donor. We also will be taking pictures of you to upload on our database. And once we approve you as a donor, then we make you active into our donor database and try to match you as soon as possible. Chinese Transcripts: 作为卵子捐赠者,您可以来与医生面谈。医生会与您坐在一起,与您交谈,并从头到尾解释整个过程,回答您可能提出的任何问题或疑虑。捐赠者总是有会点担心,担心这个过程是否会影响您将来有自己的孩子。 初次探访时我们将做超声波检查,以确保您是卵子捐赠者的合适候选人。我们还将拍摄您的照片上传到我们的数据库。一旦我们批准您作为捐赠者,我们将把您的信息输入到我们的捐赠者数据库并尽快为您匹配合适人选。

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