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Finding a surrogate mother is safer and easier with the help of Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation, a direct branch of the Center for Fertility and Gynecology. We have strict selection criteria to ensure a successful experience for our patients. The process begins with our patients exploring our simple online database.

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Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation works with surrogates that we acquire and that we connect to our patients. We can distinguish ourselves from other agencies since we're overseen by a medical professional and that we're bound to the highest ethical standards when it comes to choosing and working with a surrogate. The advantage to our patients is that they get the integrated service from the medical side and also from the organizational side for the surrogates. So we can smoothen out some issues that arise when an external agency's working solely with the surrogate and the medical professionals are working with the patient. We have very strict selection criteria for our surrogates. We perform home visits and medical evaluations of our surrogates. A lot of times, the whole surrogacy process is extremely costly, extremely nerve-wracking for the patients, and the less people are involved and have to interact and deal with the patient, the easier the whole experience gets. All the surrogates that we present to our patients are medically screened and selected. We maintain a simple online process. We're happy that we can offer our patients a simplified process of an online database where they can look up the surrogates. Chinese Transcripts: 太平洋代孕和卵子捐赠中心与我们选定的代孕者合作,并联络我们的患者。我们与其他机构不同,因为我们由医疗专业人士监督,当选择并与代孕者合作时,我们必定会遵守最高的道德标准。 对于我们患者的好处是可以获得代孕者医疗和组织方面的综合服务。因此,我们能够顺利地解决外部机构仅仅与代孕者以及与患者合作的医学专业人士可能出现的问题。对于代孕者,我们执行非常严格的标准。 我们对代孕者实施家庭探访和医学评估。很多时候,整个代孕过程是非常昂贵的,患者对此非常紧张。参与并且与患者交流接触的人越少,整个过程就越轻松。我们向患者推荐的所有代孕者都经过医学筛查和选择。我们实施一项简单易行的在线流程。我们非常高兴能够为患者提供一个简化的在线数据库流程,患者可以通过该流程寻找代孕者。

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