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Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation was founded as part of the Center for Fertility and Gynecology to allow patients to arrange egg donation and other services at the same clinic where they undergo fertility treatment. Dealing with separate agencies often makes this process difficult. Having our own surrogacy and egg donation center saves patients time, money, and energy.

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Audio Player 00:0003:39Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Text Size Copy To Clipboard Print Rate This Job Download Media Download Transcription Narrator: Fulfilling the dream of every couple or individual who desires a baby, Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation in Los Angeles, California has the ability to handle what can be complex situations and achieve remarkable results with compassion and professionalism. Dr. Jovanovic: Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation was an idea initially that our staff at the fertility center came up with when we saw the difficulties the patient sometimes had to go through by dealing with a separate agency and, at the same time, going through an emotionally very difficult process of egg donation or surrogacy. Narrator: Streamlining the process of matching hopeful parents with surrogates and egg donors, Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation raises the bar from the multitude of single-service centers around the globe by offering all-under-one-roof services. By partnering with Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation you will save time, money and energy while working with one of the most successful fertility centers in the business. Dr. Jovanovic: By having everything provided from the same hand, we can help the patient deal with less people and simply have less people involved in the whole process, which a lot of times makes it simpler and easier for the patient. Dawn: You hear other stories from other people, intended parents, IPs, with different . . . that the doctor's bedside manner, very dry. You don't get that here. I mean, they love what they do. They want to help you. If your heart's broken, their heart's broken. If you're happy, they're happy. Narrator: Our process provides peace of mind when matching hopeful parents with surrogates and egg donors. All of our patients can rest assured that when they choose a carrier or donor with our help that they have been thoroughly screened and carefully selected, eliminating surprises down the line. Dr. Jovanovic: We can distinguish ourselves from other agencies since we're overseen by a medical professional and we're bound to the highest ethical standards when it comes to choosing and working with a surrogate. The advantage to our patients is that they get the integrated service from the medical side and also from the organizational side. Narrator: Our surrogacy and egg donation packages are designed to be affordable and convenient for all parties involved. Each step in the process is completed with smooth transitions, from choosing your donor or surrogate to performing the egg retrieval or embryo transfer procedure. Dr. Jovanovic: This is how we came up with the Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation agency. We still have very good working relationships with other agencies in the greater Los Angeles area. For some patients that want to have the service and want to have the connection, they have their fertility doctors the same way, we offer the agency services. Narrator: At Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation, we will work with you every step of the way and give you the peace of mind you need. We have been in the business of reproductive medicine in California for over 30 years and receive a great sense of achievement and joy from the thousands of babies we have helped bring into the world. Chinese Transcription: 为了帮助希望得到婴儿的夫妇或个人实现梦想,位于加利福尼亚州洛杉矶的太平洋代孕和卵子捐赠中心 (Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation) 以爱心和专业精神处理复杂情况,取得显著成果。Jovanovic 医生: 太平洋代孕和卵子捐赠中心最初仅是我们生育中心工作人员的一个想法,因为我们看到患者有时必须通过另一个独立的机构,同时经历情感倍受折磨的卵子捐赠或代孕过程。 讲述者: 太平洋代孕和卵子捐赠中心提供一站式服务,从而简化了准父母与代孕者和卵子捐赠者的匹配过程,无需由多个单一服务中心实现匹配。通过与太平洋代孕和卵子捐赠中心合作,您将与该行业最成功的生育中心之一共同协作,从而节省时间、金钱和精力。Jovanovic 医生: 通过一个机构提供全方位服务,我们可以帮助患者减少与其他人的接触,在整个过程中涉及的人员更少,使患者能够更简单、从容地应对。 Dawn: 您听到其他人,准父母、亲密伴侣,的不同故事……医生对患者的态度非常僵硬。而这里的医生态度很好。我是说,他们热爱他们的事业。他们真心想帮助您。当您伤心时,他们也伤心。当您快乐时,他们也快乐。 讲述者: 我们会让您安心地匹配准父母与代孕者和卵子捐赠者。我们的所有患者都可以放心,当他们在我们的帮助下选择一个代孕者或捐赠者时,这些代孕者或捐赠者已经过彻底筛选和慎重选择,将意外降到最低限度。 Jovanovic 医生: 我们与其他机构不同,因为我们由医疗专业人士监督,当选择并与代孕者合作时,我们必定会遵守最高的道德标准。对于我们患者的好处是可以获得医疗和组织方面的综合服务。 讲述者: 我们的代孕和卵子捐赠套餐为各方提供经济实惠和方便的服务。该过程中的每个步骤都完美衔接,从选择您的捐助者或代孕者,到卵子获取或胚胎移植程序。 Jovanovic 医生: 因此,我们设立了太平洋代孕和卵子捐赠机构。我们仍然与大洛杉矶地区的其他机构保持良好合作关系。对于有些希望取得服务并保持联系的患者,他们与其不孕不育科医生保持相同的合作关系,而我们提供机构服务。 讲述者: 在太平洋代孕和卵子捐赠中心,我们将在每个步骤与您合作并使您安心。我们已在加州从事生殖医学服务 30 多年。通过帮助降生数千名婴儿,我们从中享受到莫大的成就和快乐。

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