Prospective Gestational Carriers

Women who decide to become gestational carriers provide hope to intended parents who are unable to have a child of their own. This is a precious gift that only a select few may have the opportunity to give. At Pacific Surrogacy & Egg Donation, we specialize in finding matches between prospective surrogates and intended parents. A gestational carrier is a woman who carries the baby for a couple who have had trouble conceiving on their own. When the baby is born, the surrogate gives the baby to the intended parents, providing an invaluable service and making their family whole. Prospective gestational carriers in the Los Angeles, CA, area often have many questions.  Our physicians and team are here to give you a better understanding of what the process entails and what you can expect. If you are considering becoming a gestational carrier and would like more information, please contact our office to make an appointment with one of our fertility specialists.

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Partnering with Pacific Surrogacy & Egg Donation, Inc. can help you save money, time, and energy. We will work with you every step of the way, alleviating any concerns and answering your questions.

What to Expect During the Surrogacy Process

The intended parents will undergo an assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedure, typically in vitro fertilization (IVF) to produce a healthy embryo of their own. If the cause of infertility is related to producing viable eggs or sperm, it is possible for the intended parents to use sperm or egg donation. When they have successfully developed a healthy embryo, it will be implanted into your uterus for you to carry to term. 

Before you will be admitted to the surrogacy program, there are a number of screenings and tests that will need to be performed. You can expect take part in a preliminary screening that may include a detailed medical history, physical examination by a doctor, and discussions of the medical, psychological, emotional, social, financial, and legal components of surrogacy. Additionally, you can expect criminal background checks, psychological screenings, and in-home interviews by the agency to ensure that you are the right candidate for this type of program.

Throughout the course of your surrogacy, all of your medical costs will be included as part of your treatment. The intended parents are responsible for a fee that covers the medical, legal, agency, and compensation costs. Our program is designed to ensure that you are well taken care of during this time. We want you to be an active part of the surrogacy team, so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to voice them.

Basic Recommendations for Surrogacy

While there are no hard and fast requirements, prospective gestational carriers should meet some general recommendations:

  • Age - Prospective surrogates should be between the ages of 21 and 42.
  • Children - Surrogates should have at least one child of her own.
  • Relationship status - Those who are considering becoming a gestational carrier should have a spouse, significant other or another support system who is supportive of the decision to become a surrogate mother.
  • Pregnancy - Because of the nature of surrogacy, a woman considering becoming a carrier should enjoy being pregnant.

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If you have a sincere desire to help complete someone's family and would like more information on surrogacy, please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians.

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