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LGBT fertility is something our practice is happy to facilitate. In fact, our practice has helped many same-sex couples to realize their dreams of parenthood. Our patients say we make them feel welcome and comfortable in our office, and informed at every stage of treatment.

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Dr. Jovanovic: We love working with same-sex couples in Southern California and all over the world. In fact, our agency provides services to several gay couples in Europe at the moment and also here in the United States. We also have an increase in interest of lesbian couples that are, for example, looking for a service to carry the child with an egg, and the biologic mother of the other being the other partner. We have gay couples that are selecting the egg donor and the surrogate through our agency. This makes it much easier than to separately look for an egg donor and a surrogate, and sometimes even have to employ two different agencies to find those. And we currently have couples from the United States and from Europe who are undergoing that program. We also can help lesbian couples acquire sperm donors and, also, some lesbian couples are also interested in carrying the biologic child of the other partner. So we can provide various services for same-sex couples. Woman 1: Being a gay couple, you're not always welcome so beautifully and with open arms. There is still a stigma, very much so, to what we're doing. And it was amazing to just be absolutely welcomed, to just be like, "Well, come on in, kids." And it was a welcoming environment, it was a sweet environment, and it was a very knowledgeable environment. They answered all of our questions. There were no, "Well, let me get back to you on that." It was just... Woman 2: And we knew what our options were. Woman 1: Always. Woman 2: The level of care was phenomenal. Woman 1: Mm-hmm. Chinese Transcripts: Jovanovic 医生: 我们喜欢与南加州地区以及世界各地的同性伴侣合作。事实上,我们机构目前在欧洲和美国为多个同性恋夫妇提供服务。我们还开始为女同性恋伴侣提供更多服务,例如配卵生育孩子,而生母是其伴侣。 还有男同性恋伴侣通过我们的机构选择卵子捐赠者和代孕者。这样比分开寻找卵子捐赠者和代孕者(有时候甚至需要委托两个不同的机构)更方便。我们目前有来自美国和欧洲的夫妇正在接受这项服务。我们还可以帮助女同性恋夫妇获得精子捐赠者,而且一些女同性恋夫妇也有兴趣为其伴侣生育亲生孩子。所以我们可以为同性夫妇提供各种服务。 女 1: 同性恋伴侣通常不太受欢迎,经常受到冷遇。对于我们正在做的事而言,同性恋无疑仍是一个污名。可是在这里,我们真的很欢迎,就像是说:“你们好,请进,孩子们。” 这里的环境如此温馨,如此甜蜜,而且非常专业。他们回答我们提出的所有问题。他们从来不会说,“嗯,让我考虑一下再回答你们。” 这里真得是...女 2: 而且,我们知道可选择的方案。 女 1: 一直如此。 女 2: 医疗护理水平非常高。 女 1: 嗯。

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