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In this surrogate testimonial, Dawn discusses her experience as a surrogate mother helping hopeful parents. She says the compassion our staff feels for our patients is apparent every step of the way. Dawn says that this quality is not always easy to find among fertility treatment providers.

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You just feel it. It's kind of an intuition thing. I mean, if you meet someone for the first time and you know it feels right, then it's right. I mean, you get that natural instinct that something doesn't . . . it's not a good fit. When you walk in here, you just know it's a fit, very bed-friendly, friendly. It's just awesome staff, very knowledgeable, loving, caring. You can tell they don't just do it as a job. They do it because they love to. They do it because they want to help people, families, and they're just a blessing. You hear other stories from other people, intended parents, IPs, with different . . . the doctor's bedside manner, very dry. You don't get that here. I mean, they love what they do. They want to help you. If your heart's broken, their heart's broken. If you're happy, they're happy. And when I was approached by another couple, "We have embryos with another doctor," and I just told them, "I only work with one facility, one doctor so we can either bring your embryos to this doctor, this facility, or you can find someone else." So they brought their embryos here. Chinese Transcripts: 您能感觉到。这是一种直觉。我是说,如果您第一次遇到某个人就觉得他/她是合适的,那一定是合适的。我的意思是,您的自然本能告诉您某种东西不是……它不适合您。当您走进这里,您就知道这里适合您,医生非常友好、和蔼。工作人员非常棒,非常专业,有爱心,关心体贴。你能感觉到他们不仅仅把这当作一份工作。 他们这样做是出于他们的爱。他们这样做是因为他们想帮助别人,帮助家庭,他们真的是一个祝福。您听到其他人,准父母、亲密伴侣,的不同故事……医生对患者的态度非常僵硬。而这里的医生态度很好。我是说,他们热爱他们的事业。他们真心想帮助您。 当您伤心时,他们也伤心。当您快乐时,他们也快乐。另一对夫妇告诉我,“我们有另一个医生提供的胚胎”。我只是告诉他们,“我只与一个机构,一个医生合作,所以我们可以把您的胚胎给这个医生,这个机构,或者您可以找其他人。” 所以他们把他们的胚胎带到了这里。

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