Screening Egg Donors


Screening egg donors is a stringent process at Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation, Inc. PSED is a direct branch of the Center for Fertility and Gynecology, helping hopeful parents receive all the assistance they need in one location. Dr. Vuc Jovanovic explains that all donors undergo medical and background screening to ensure the best results.

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The Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation is our own agency that we use to help us obtain egg donors for our patients. The advantage to the patients is that they get everything from the same hand and we are able to eliminate some of the intermediaries that, a lot of times, make things more complicated for the patient. We try to maintain a large database of various egg donors with different backgrounds, different ethnic backgrounds so we can accommodate the majority of our patients. The patient gets this concierge service that they can select an egg donor through our agency. All the egg donors are medically screened and have also passed a medical background. There is not any room for a surprise that we sometimes see that an egg donor gets chosen then does not pass the medical clearance. Chinese Transcripts: 太平洋代孕和卵子捐赠中心是我们自己的机构,专门为我们的患者寻找卵子捐赠者。患者可以从一个机构取得其想要的服务,因此消除一些中间环节。很多情况下,这些中间环节会使患者的服务变得更复杂。 我们努力维护一个来自不同背景、不同种族的各类卵子捐赠者的大型数据库,以便满足大部分患者的需求。通过这项贴心的服务,患者可以在我们机构选择卵子捐赠者。所有卵子捐赠者均已通过医学筛查和病历审查。因此,选中的卵子捐赠者未能通过健康检查,这点不大可能。

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