Terms and Conditions

Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation (also known and referred to as PSED) Terms and Conditions


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

Please read all sections of PSED’s Terms and Conditions prior to engaging our services. By engaging  to conduct an egg donor or gestational carrier search on your behalf, you, the client, acknowledge and accept these Terms and Conditions.



In these terms of sale, “we” means Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation (PSED) (and “us” and “our” will be construed accordingly); and “you” means our client or potential client (and “yours” will be construed accordingly).


Privacy Statement:

Your privacy and confidentiality in this process are very important to us. We will not release any of your personal information to third party agencies without your express verbal consent.


Provision of Service:

By engaging PSED to conduct a search for an egg donor, sperm donor, or gestational carrier candidate, you agree to provide us with a comprehensive overview of the type of candidate you would like to locate by engaging in search communications with the Egg Donor Coordinator and/or completing our “Intended Parent Intake” form.


Search overview. A search entails a PSED case manager or coordinator reviewing egg donor, sperm donor, or gestational carrier profiles and matching those to your needs. The case manager or coordinator will compile information on your behalf of candidates most closely meeting your stated criteria.


The information you provide to us verbally, via email or on the Intended Parent Intake form will be reviewed at PSED prior to the initiation of your search. You will have an opportunity to talk directly with your assigned case manager or coordinator prior to the initiation of your search to confirm that they accurately understand your search criteria.


Search criteria. The criteria you provide via email or on the Intended Parent Intake form and in discussions with your case manager or coordinator determine which egg donor, sperm donor, or surrogate candidates your case manager or coordinator will find during the search. Any changes or modifications to your search criteria should be communicated immediately to your case manager or coordinator and as near to the beginning of the search as possible. If you want your case manager or coordinator to search for a second time after she has already searched or contacted egg donors, it will require her to begin a new search and applicable payment from you.


Importance of responding quickly. We will send you profiles of candidates currently listed as available by the agency (not on a waitlist or currently “in cycle”). Since the availability of candidates can change rapidly, we strongly recommend that you review candidate profiles within 24 hours of receipt from your case manager or coordinator. It is important to respond quickly as attractive candidates are chosen fast.


PSED takes care that the information we send you on each candidate is accurate and up to date as far as we know. Since the information being provided to us relies on candidate provided facts, we cannot in all cases guarantee the accuracy of information on any given candidate. The availability and accuracy of information depends upon the organization managing that information.

In certain circumstances we recommend that the intended parent(s) conduct an initial phase of background assessment to lay the groundwork for a more successful egg donor or surrogate search to maximize the opportunity for a successful match.


Egg Donor Search Service


The service is for up to three months (i.e. 15 business days excluding weekends) from the time the search begins. During that time, we will send you profiles of candidates who most closely match your criteria. Each service is customized to a client’s particular search criteria. Clients choosing the egg donor search service will have the assistance of their assigned case manager to get follow-up information of up to five (5) donor candidates.

Our Egg Donor Search Service is comprised of an in-depth search to locate harder-to-find egg donors including a search of available candidates in our national online database, personalized outreach to agency partners for unlisted donors, and outreach to exclusive scout programs that partner with PSED. During that time your case manager will review all new donor listings relevant to your search criteria. Clients choosing our egg donor search service plan will have the assistance of their assigned case manager to get follow-up information from the fertility clinics where the donor will undergo appropriate screening.


Frozen Donor Egg Searches


Our frozen donor egg search is a personalized search designed to meet Intended Parents’ criteria as closely as possible. Your case manager will curate profiles and follow up with the frozen egg banks about the candidates you are most interested in. Additional information from frozen egg banks may require an additional charge and PSED will liaise with the egg bank on your behalf for follow-up information. The search concludes when we have searched all of the frozen egg banks available to us, generally within two weeks.


Surrogate Searches:

Our gestational search package is a personalized surrogate search designed to meet Intended Parents' criteria as closely as possible. Generally, a search will be complete within four to six weeks. During that time, we will send you one profile at a time for your review and approval. We will send you up to four (4) candidates who are as close to you and your clinic’s criteria as possible.

Sperm Donor Searches:

We will search through all of the databases of sperm banks with which we work to locate sperm donor candidates who come as close as possible to your desired criteria of physical, ethnic, and academic qualities. Your Case Manager will follow up with each sperm bank for availability and costs about the donors in whom you are most interested.


Our Guarantee:


Our guarantee is limited to conducting the egg donor, sperm donor, or surrogate search based on the requirements that you submit at the time of booking. The vast majority of our clients find donors or surrogates they want to cycle with. But, PSED cannot control that you will choose one of the candidates who we present to you. We also cannot guarantee that the information about donors or surrogates gathered through the search process is accurate or up to date, simply that it reflects the information available to us at the time of the search.




Payment for any of our search service packages is due upon booking. Payment to PSED is for our time and expertise in searching for candidates and is not dependent upon matching with a particular candidate. Payment can be made with a credit card, check, or via wire transfer. PSED works on a first-come, first-served basis and conducts searches in the order of our receipt of all applicable documents and payment.


Limited Liability:


You understand and agree that our maximum liability to you is limited to the amounts you have paid us to provide services to you. In no event will we be responsible for consequential damages of any kind, whether or not foreseeable.




Any photographic or informational profiles of egg donor candidates that are disclosed to you by Donor Concierge are considered Confidential Information. You agree not to use any Confidential Information of Donor Concierge for any advertising or marketing purposes. You specifically agree not to use any photographic or informational profiles of egg donor candidates in any advertising or marketing to promote your own services.




Once we begin your egg donor, surrogate, or sperm donor search our fees are non-refundable. Fees are not dependent upon results as we cannot control the availability of specific donors or surrogates nor can PSED control that you will choose one of the candidates that we present to you. If a client chooses not to proceed with a search after reserving and paying for it and with notification of at least 24 hours before the start date of the search, PSED will refund payment less a 5% processing fee. All refunds will be issued in the same form payment was made. Please allow two weeks for processing.


In providing services to our clients, we do not discriminate, or encourage discrimination against people based on personal attributes such as race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability, medical or genetic condition. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to refuse to do business with or provide our services to clients or potential clients based on other factors such as demeanor, reputation, criminal background, or other factors in our sole and absolute discretion.

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