Estimated Surrogacy Fees


Prospective Parent Administration Fee

(Additional $2000 for International Intended Parents)


$6,000 due upon signing retainer agreement.  $6000 due upon signing Surrogate contract.  Remaining $6000 due upon start of treatment on Surrogate.

Surrogate Mother Compensation.

No Prior Surrogacies

1 Prior Surrogacy

2 Prior Surrogacies













The Surrogate will begin receiving the relevant compensation beginning on the first of the month following confirmation of pregnancy (confirmation of heartbeat at approximately 6 weeks of pregnancy, via ultrasound). This is a base fee for carrying the pregnancy.  Payment will be in 10 equal installments over the course of the pregnancy. ­­­

Surrogate Mother Expenses.

Monthly Allowance


Non-accountable monthly expense allowance paid to Surrogate to cover expenses at $200/month. This allowance includes reimbursements for mileage, telephone calls, faxes, non-prescription medication, vitamins/supplements, childcare services, parking and other incidentals.  This fee shall begin the 1st of the month after the contract has been executed between the Surrogate and the Prospective Parents and continue until either termination of the contract by either party or 1 month after delivery.

Maternity Clothing Allowance


$375 paid at 10th & 14th week post transfer resulting in pregnancy.  (Multiple pregnancies +$250 extra).

Compensation at Start of injectable Medications


Paid to the Surrogate upon starting first medication for each cycle. (With start of every cycle, even if prior cycle was cancelled).

Compensation for Embryo Transfer


Surrogate will receive $600 for each embryo transfer procedure. (Includes all costs for surrogate associated with transfer)

Lost Wages – Actual Cost


Estimated lost wages for the Surrogate (approximately 8 weeks) and spouse (3-5 days).  If carrier is a stay-at-home Mom or unemployed, no lost wages are paid to her however, lost wages for spouse still apply.  This is based on after tax earnings.  Surrogate and spouse must provide proof of actual lost wages.  Additional lost wages may also include time away from work for physician appointments and physician ordered bed rest.

Housekeeping & Childcare Allowance


Surrogate will receive allowance after 32 weeks until 2 weeks after delivery if requested by surrogate (up to $300 weekly for a maximum of 10 weeks) when placed on doctor-ordered bed rest.  Extension is possible only if bedrest is ordered by physician.

In the Event of Invasive Procedure


Surrogate will receive $500 for each procedure such as, cerclage, amniocentesis, CVS (or other prenatal diagnostic testing), D&C, termination etc.  For fetal reduction, surrogate will receive $1000.

C Section for Surrogate


Surrogate will receive an additional $3,000 if the delivery requires a C-section (includes childcare and housekeeping).

Hysterectomy/Loss of fallopian tube

$5,000 - Loss of uterus.

$1,000 – Loss of fallopian tube.

Surrogate will be entitled to receive $5000 if she must undergo a hysterectomy, resulting in loss of her uterus, as a result of the delivery of the child, as long as procedure is performed within 3 months of the delivery.  Surrogate will be entitled to $1000 should she lose her fallopian tube.

Travel Expenses


Surrogate will be compensated for travel to all appointments related to the surrogacy.

Health Insurance

$5,000 - $10,000 (approximate)

This depends on the Surrogate's existing medical coverage. PSED will refer Prospective Parent(s) to New Life Agency or an insurance agent to discuss available policy options.

Life Insurance


Insures both the Surrogate’s family and the Prospective Parent(s) in the event of death.  $250,000 designated to surrogate’s beneficiary.  $100,000 designated to prospective parents as beneficiary.

Surrogate Legal Fees


This is an estimated fee for the cost of the review of the surrogacy agreement with the Surrogate and her husband, if applicable. (Does not include pre-birth order)

Prospective Parent Legal Fees


These fees are estimated and are paid directly to the attorney by the Prospective Parent(s)

Psychological Evaluation of Surrogate/Psychological Support for Surrogate


The Surrogate must have a psychological evaluation + MMPI test with a licensed therapist.  This fee will cover the cost of the above and will provide ongoing psychological support for Surrogate during the pregnancy.

Psychological Counseling for Intended Parent(s)


Prospective Parent(s) will have one visit with a licensed therapist to discuss the surrogacy process.

Escrow Account Management Fees


Paid to escrow company managing the account of the Prospective Parent(s).

Medical Screening and Procedures


Payable to Fertility Center of choice.

IVF Medication


Fertility Center of choice or pharmacy will provide breakdown.

Monitoring for Surrogate


If the Surrogate does not reside within reasonable distance to the physician chosen by the Prospective Parent(s), an out-of-town monitoring facility can be used.


  • Surrogates staying with Pacific Surrogacy and Egg Donation agency as repeat surrgates will receive a monetary compensation and preferrential treatment with their next surrogacy.
  • Some Surrogates may be subject to additional screening and all co-pays and insurance deductibles are the responsibility of the Prospective Parents. 
  • Medical costs relating to complete IVF treatment and all pharmaceutical costs are not included in the above and are determined by your reproductive endocrinologist and preferred pharmaceutical company.
  • Legal contract will reflect actual fees.
  • All of the above fees are subject to change as associated professionals may increase or lower their costs, and individual Surrogates may have fees that reflect their circumstances.
  • Prospective Parents are responsible for any and all medical expenses incurred by their baby upon birth.  Your surrogate’s medical insurance will not cover your baby’s medical costs.

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