Understanding Egg Donation Costs

When you decide to use donated eggs as part of your fertility treatment, the associated costs cover more than just donor compensation. Egg donation costs at our Los Angeles, CA, fertility practice cover medical evaluations, professional, and legal fees, in addition to donor compensation. If you choose an egg donor that lives outside of Southern California, additional travel fees will be incorporated into the treatment cost. Our doctors can help you understand all of the different factors involved in this comprehensive price when you schedule a consultation at our practice.

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Partnering with Pacific Surrogacy & Egg Donation, Inc. can help you save money, time, and energy. We will work with you every step of the way, alleviating any concerns and answering your questions.

Breaking Down Egg Donation Costs

As part of your total treatment cost, your price will include:

  • Administrative fees - This portion of the treatment cost covers the scheduling of appointments for the egg donor. These appointments are needed to monitor her progress and provide any counseling that may be required. 
  • Travel fees - Depending on where your donor lives, this fee could potentially increase, especially if multiple trips are required over the course of her treatment.
  • Psychological evaluation - To ensure that the donor is fully aware of the psychological and emotional aspects of egg donation, we require a thorough evaluation with a reputable doctor before proceeding with treatment. 
  • Legal consultation - We work with experienced attorneys to ensure that each party's rights are protected before we initiate the cycle.
  • Egg donor insurance - The intended parents will pay for insurance to cover medical procedures for the egg donor. Additional insurance may also be purchased to cover medical expenses resulting from complications related to the egg retrieval and embryo transfer procedures.
  • International supplemental fees - This fee may apply for international patients to ensure that the treatment cycle will remain on schedule.
  • Donor compensation - This fee can vary from donor to donor, depending on their experience, and represents compensation for her time and effort.
  • Donor expenses - This portion of the cost can also vary somewhat, depending on many factors like the geographical location of the donor.

Insurance and Financing Information

Although insurance plans did not traditionally cover egg donation costs, more and more fertility treatments are eligible for benefits under certain plans. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to find out if you are eligible, and our front office team will be happy to assist you in any way that they can.

Pacific Surrogacy & Egg Donation offers simple and stress-free financing options through New Life Fertility Finance, in partnership with LightStream®. The world's leading surrogacy and in vitro fertilization (IVF) insurance provider offers affordable solutions for fertility treatments, including surrogacy, egg donation, and all of the associated medication costs. This option can alleviate the burden of the upfront costs that will contribute towards making your family whole. Similar to helping answer your insurance questions, our front office can provide assistance finding the best financing option for you. 

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If you have considered egg donation to help grow your family and would like more information about associated costs, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our caring physicians.

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